About Us

Mission Statement

“To continually create competitive opportunities and growth for all cue sports in Canada to enable our country to have representatives at all World and International cue sport events.”

About the CBSA

The CBSA is the governing body of cue sports for Canada, as recognized by Sport Canada and is a registered Not For Profit Corporation with Industry Canada. The CBSA was first established in 1974 and has been operating in this capacity for over 40 years.

CBSA is also a member of the Canadian Olympic Committee, hosting annual national championships to provide a path for Canada’s players to represent the country at international events if cue sports should one day be included in the Olympic Games. The World Confederation of Billiard Sports (WCBS) works on behalf of all cue sports to gain admission into the Olympics, defining a structure of governing bodies around the world to further our common goal (view the WCBS organizational chart).

For the Pool Associations

The CBSA is affiliated with the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA), through the WPA’s North American affiliate, the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) (view recognition letter). With these affiliations, Canada is granted the opportunity to be represented at all World Pool Championships and other major International pool events.

For the Snooker and Billiards Associations

The CBSA is affiliated with the International Billiards & Snooker Federation (IBSF), sending representatives to play on behalf of Canada in the World Amateur Snooker Championship for over four decades (view recognition letter). The World Professional Billiards & Snooker Association recognizes the CBSA through our recognition as a member of the World Snooker Federation (WSF).

Additionally, the CBSA is affiliated with the Pan American Billiards & Snooker Association, a continental body working towards becoming the regional association for the Americas with the IBSF. With these affiliations, Canada is granted the opportunity to be represented at all WSF and IBSF-sanctioned Snooker Championships, Billiards Championships and other international events.

Any additional questions regarding affiliation with international governing bodies can be addressed by contacting any member of the elected CBSA Board of Directors.



Randall Morrison (Calgary, AB) – President

Randall Morrison (Calgary, AB) is serving his sixth year on the Board and his third as President. Randall was the principal organizer behind the Alberta Billiards & Snooker Association from 2011 to 2016 and has been an instrumental figure in promoting snooker within the province of Alberta, as well as enhancing the digital exposure of the game at the national level through facilitating extensive video coverage and internet publications for events across Canada. A passionate fan of all cue sports, Randall is committed to promoting all forms of pool, snooker and carom billiards to a new generation of Canadian players and establishing a strong profile on the world sporting stage for Canada.


John White (Toronto, ON) – Vice-President

John White, Toronto, ON, was elected to the CBSA Board in 2008. He is the former manager and co-owner of Shooters Snooker and Sports Bar, a highly successful venue he operated for over two decade, and now co-operates The Corner Bank in Toronto. He has grown up in the Leaside area of the city and where he started his first cue sport establishment, Family Billiards. Still regarded as one of the country’s top snooker players he regularly competes in regional tournaments, holds three Canadian Snooker Championship titles and gives freely of his time towards local charities. Recognized as one of the real nice guys in the business and a true people person.


Frank Kakouros (Toronto, ON) – Treasurer

Frank Kakouros (Toronto, ON) is serving his second term on the CBSA Board, coming from a background of operating and growing leagues in Ontario for almost three decades since opening his first billiards room in 1988. Frank has extensive experience using computers and technology to ease the facilitation of tournament organization and the operation of regional pool tours over a variety of skill levels. Over the years Frank had helped raised thousands of dollars for charities using his billiards promotions expertise. He has been involved in the promotion of organized cue sports in Canada for over 25 years and has earned the respect of players by putting the game above else.


Candace Campbell (Moncton, NB) – Secretary

Candace Campbell (Moncton, NB) is serving her second term on the CBSA Board as Secretary. Candace has comprehensive experience in tournament directing, fundraising, social media and marketing and has been elected to the board of the New Brunswick Billiards Association for four consecutive terms. She has been instrumental in organizing several highly successful events in Eastern Canada and has been a well-known volunteer supporting the CBSA for many years.



Alain Parent (Saint-Lambert, QC) – Chairman, Pool Operations

Alain Parent (Saint-Lambert, QC) is serving his second term on the board as chairman of pool operations.





Kevin Patrick (Hamilton, ON) – Chairman, Snooker Operations

Kevin Patrick (Hamilton, ON) is serving his first term on the CBSA Board as the chairman of snooker operations for the association. As Canada’s head referee, Kevin has over thirty years experience, officiating numerous provincial and national championships as well as forming the Referees Association for Canadian Cue Sports in 2000. An instrumental figure in Canada’s snooker program for the past two decades, Kevin Patrick is the architect behind creating a consistent referee clinic to certify new referees in Canada, ultimately earning the RACCS organization official recognition by the IBSF in 2011. As the lead tournament director and official for CBSA’s Canadian Snooker Championships throughout the early 2000s and statistician for the Ontario Senior Snooker League (OSSL) for many years, Kevin bring a wealth of experience in time management and tournament experience to the board of directors.