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2018/19 Rankings – POOL (Women)

These rankings expire at the end of the 2019 Canadian Pool Championships.

RANKNameMatches WonMatches PlayedMW%Games WonGames PlayedGW%RANKING POINTS
1Naomi Williams9110.818181818831220.6803278692800
2Brittany Bryant10130.769230769891570.5668789812600
3Suzanne Peters280.2537930.3978494621020
4Maureen Seto150.231690.449275362650
5Leanne Lini130.33333333312340.352941176450
6Valerie B├ędard240.523540.425925926370
7Stefanie Virag0204180.222222222370
8Lynanne Cutler0207250.28150


Seasonal ranking lists are used to determine the order of invitation for Canadian participants invited to international events. When Canada is allocated spots in WPA-sanctioned events, the spots will be offered to the players in order of ranking, unless otherwise specified in the invitation package provided by CBSA.